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The "spray-and-wipe" method can be effective against germs, but alone, this may not be most effective.

 Wiping down surfaces is just one essential step in disinfecting your home or business...not complete protection. Fogging is a tool you can use to ensure that hard-to-reach places aren’t secretly storing viruses and bacteria.



as low as $50

People who spend time at the gym are increasingly at risk from contamination. If you own a gym, yoga studio, or other athletic facility, an infectious outbreak can be devastating both in terms of the financial cost involved and the damage done to your reputation. Corona Stoppers can help.


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as low as $0.05 per sq/ft

In a recent Wall Street Journal study, researchers document that viruses are typically transferred from an office’s front door to half of the office in just four hours. The sheer size of many buildings has led to a rise in harmful contamination in many workplaces. Building staff are under increasing pressure to fight these sophisticated virus threats with limited resources. Let us help.


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as low as $50

Customers at salons and barber shops are increasingly at risk of infection. These types of businesses must exercise extra care to prevent the spread of disease, given the close proximity of people and the amount of human to human contact that these services requires. We can help.








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Transit vehicles of all kinds have the potential to harbor dangerous pathogens. School buses, transit buses, as well as light-rail and subway cars, are highly trafficked public transportation vehicles which are continually at risk for a virus or bacteria breakout. Let us help you tailor a program to help put the public's mind at ease.


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as low as $0.07 per sq/ft

In this Post-Covid-19 environment, entertainment venues have been suffering from policies on customer capacity, and customer confidence in theater cleanliness. Let your customers know that you have a viable plan in place to keep them safe while being entertained. Call us today.


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$0.10 per sq/ft

Senior and daycare facilities of all kinds have a special duty to protect their residents from the spread of disease. Recent advances in disinfectant and infection prevention techniques give these businesses a great opportunity to keep residents and staff happier and healthier by cutting down on transmission at their location.

*For Optimal Disinfecting, We Recommend Cleaning Surfaces and Vacuuming Carpet Prior To Fogging Treatments


Fogging will suspend disinfectant in the air to kill airborne pathogens, as well as when applied to unsoiled surfaces. For effective infection control on surfaces, both cleaning and disinfection are needed to control transmission of pathogens in indoor environments. Thus, surfaces must cleaned according to CDC guidelines before disinfectant fogging application. As such, it is critical to remember that disinfectant fogging applications are not going to be 100% effective on soiled surfaces. Even surfaces that appear visibly clean must be cleaned prior to fogging services.  

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