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We Sanitize & Disinfect Your Home and Business


At Corona Stoppers, our expertise is prevention of the spread of the CORONAVIRUS and FLU virus, through GREEN air & surface disinfection. We are proud to offer commercial,

residential, and vehicle virus disinfection and infection-control services for the Baltimore area...including many areas in and around Howard, Harford, Anne Arundel, Montgomery, and Prince George's counties. We are committed to protecting public health by offering our services very affordably during this health crisis.

Protect your business, your patrons and your home with disinfectant fogging services performed by our trained technicians. Our disinfectant treatment enables us to sanitize large areas in a short amount of time, allowing peace of mind for you and your property. If you're looking for quick, affordable, and "GREEN" disinfecting solution, call Corona Stoppers today!

  • Services include HOCL-misting/fogging of your entire airspace, including furniture, fixtures, kitchens, bathrooms, phones, registers, etc. 

  • To provide the most effective prevention & control outcome for your home or business, we provide deep discounts for frequent fogging.




Homes typically harbor millions of harmful airborne and surface microorganisms. Keeping your family safe from the seasonal FLU and CORONAVIRUS is essential. We offer home and apartment owners very affordable, chemical-free, air & surface decontamination and infection prevention treatment. 



Our vehicles harbor many germs and viruses from wherever we travel each day, and is one way we transfer into our from outside into our homes. We treat the interior of your vehicle to kill viruses, bacteria, and contaminants which are on the areas you touch, under your seats, and in your carpet. This includes police cruisers, fire trucks, and ambulances as well.



as a decision States and local decision maker, it can be daunting to re-open their doors because of Coronavirus. We offer an affordable solution to allow classrooms to reopen, giving peace of mind to students and parents. HOCL treatments will also help to mitigate teacher and student absences resulting from the Flu virus.

If you have a need outside of our immediate service area, still contact us.

We'll work it out!

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